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In a Flash Fiction Chronicles article published in the fall of 2013, the fiction editor of the journal jmww, discussed her reasons for finding one particular short story to be “one of the finest short stories” she read in 2013. Her discussion is compelling and it certainly caused me to seek out the story and read it.

I found it to be a great short story, but I was attracted to it for one interesting reason: it mentions sprint cars. If you’re not familiar with what a sprint car is, first of all, don’t feel bad because before I met my husband, I had no idea what one was either. But, second, envision a dune buggy with a wing on top, and picture it racing at astonishing speeds around a dirt circle. You see, my husband grew up around sprint cars and has worked in the open-wheel racing industry almost his entire adult life. I, however, am not much into racing or motorsports. It’s rare for our two worlds (his being racing and mine being writing) to intersect, but for a brief scene in this particular short story, they did.

Distance,” by Elliot Sanders, published in jmww

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