Best Small Fictions 2018

Back in January, I found out that The Tishman Review had nominated my story “What We See” (published in their Issue 3.1) for Best Small Fictions. I was thrilled! I adore Best Small Fictions, and the idea that there was a chance that Aimee Bender (this year’s guest judge) might read a story I wrote was amazing to me.

Fast forward to March, and it got better.

While I was at a weeklong writing residency in California (at this beautiful, serene place), I received word that my story had been selected as a Finalist for Best Small Fictions. Of the over 1,000 nominations they received from around the world, my little story was one of the 101 selected to be considered by the guest judge. Aimee Bender had, indeed, read my story. But I would have to wait to find out if she’d picked it.

Fast forward to the very next day, and it got even better still.

My story had won. Of the 101 stories that Aimee Bender read, my little story “What We See” was picked as one of the 53 that would be included in Best Small Fictions 2018.

The anthology that includes my story will publish in fall 2018, but if you haven’t read these anthologies before (and you should!), Best Small Fictions from 2015, 2016, and 2017 are available now on Braddock Avenue Books’ website.

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