You mention you’re an editor. What do you edit?

At present I am a copy editor and fact checker for a popular media company. In the past, I have provided copy editing, formatting, and proofreading services for a variety of projects. My main copy editing expertise was in academic editing, with a focus on dissertations and theses. I’ve also edited student essays, short stories, children’s books, business proposals, a variety of nonfiction books, and some novel-length fiction as well. My work in fiction is more developmental level editing.

If you are an editor, does that mean you can edit your own writing?

I do … to an extent. I am completely capable of copy editing my own work. I also do the first few (read: million) rounds of developmental editing on my own. However, just like any other writer, I always need feedback and critiques from readers. I have a writing group and other colleagues who I turn to for this. I think it’s essential that all writers develop some level of editing skills (it just makes sense), but I also know that it can be extremely difficult to be objective on your own writing.

I need an editor. Are you for hire?

I’m glad to help. Contact me directly for more information!

On an earlier version of this site, you mentioned being a teacher. What’s up with that now?

I taught as an adjunct/contract instructor from 2006 until mid-2015. Teaching takes a lot of time and dedication, and while I loved it, I found myself with an opportunity to take a respite from it for a bit. While I do still provide editing workshops on a rolling monthly basis, for the time being in my professional life, I’m focusing more on my editing and writing.

What did you teach?

My graduate degree is in English, with a specific focus on American literature and gender studies. I began teaching literature courses at first, but then transitioned into teaching writing courses, e.g., Composition I, Composition II, Advanced Composition, and Professional and Technical Writing. I found that I greatly enjoyed teaching writing basics and working with students who have challenges in their writing.

I need a tutor/teacher. Are you for hire?

I’m glad to provide tutoring or teaching services in literature, writing, and editing, and I’ve done so in a variety of venues. Contact me directly for more information!