Go Read Something!

For a bit of a change, I’m sharing some non-fiction in this edition of “Go Read Something.” I came across Laura Bogart in much the same way I come across many amazing writers publishing their work out there on the interwebs: by chance. I read something, caught something in a comment or supplemental posting, then read something, clicked something, read something, and found myself googling Laura based on something else of hers that I read.

Then, I stumbled upon this essay, written in the period following the Newtown school shooting in late 2012. An event like that is so raw that much of what is written about it cannot come close to approximating and capturing the hearts and minds of disconnected citizens watching events, and their aftermath, unfold.

But Bogart nails it in “The Great Unfathomable How,” published on The Nervous Breakdown.

Indeed. She nails it.

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