Goals: I gots them

So, rather than eleventh-hour posts, like I’d expected, it seems that I’ve found a rhythm in posting earlier, rather than later in the month. So, August? Done. September? Covered.


August was hectic, and that’s always the case with August for our family for a million and twelve reasons. I also over-extended myself, making commitments to friends, enrolling in two online courses for professional development, and going through a grueling interview process for a job I didn’t even get.

On the plus side, one of the courses I took expanded my developmental editing abilities ten-fold. I’ve been copy editing for years, and I always assumed I could do some pretty kick-ass work with helping authors on the developmental side, but I’d never really realized how involved that process is and how different it is from copy editing. I learned a great deal, and I think I can apply some of it to my own writing, which is helpful.

Sadly, all of this craziness has left little time for writing. I have followed up with some writing friends, critiquing their work and asking for critiques of my own. Nonetheless, I’m left feeling as if for every ten things I accomplish, twenty-five more are left in the wake. I have the constant impression that I’m rolling down a slope snowball style with an increasingly longer “to-do” list on my back. It has become a bit ridiculous, and I need to find a way to get “ahead” of the snowball.

So, my plan for now is to make a plan (Type A personality, anyone?). I want to make a comprehensive list of all my goals and all the tasks I need to accomplish (home and work related, mostly). I also need to establish some solid plans and goals, so that I can be better poised to schedule my time. Most of the goals, however, will be long-range, but I need a list. I need a schedule and a plan because, right now, I’m feeling so untethered and scattered, and that’s not comfortable for me. At all.

Even if I don’t accomplish any of my goals within the time frame I specify (which would be quite sad, I know), at least putting them down on (virtual) paper will keep me mindful of them. Having goals you can look at and recall easily makes them more “real,” and perhaps, more accessible. Or, at least, that’s my hope.

Right now, I have several friends working on novels. Several other friends are preparing applications to graduate programs or working toward developing businesses and establishing themselves in new industries. I am so proud of what they are accomplishing and attacking, and I want to draw inspiration from them. I think it might just be as easy as putting the goals down in front of me and working toward them.

Maybe. Maybe not.

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