Interested in becoming a better editor?


START DATE:  Monday, April 7, 2014

DURATION:   6 weeks

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  Often, the most arduous step as a writer is actual act of getting the draft down on paper. But, in fact, the revision process can be even more grueling. Most of the time, when we go through and re-read our work, we’re not sure what to do first. What are the best steps in the self-editing process? What should we be looking for? This course breaks down the editing process into different areas and helps writers to create a self-editing checklist that will lead to success.

Many authors say that they spend more time in revisions than they spent in the original writing process. This course helps to streamline and simplify that process. With plenty of tips and tricks that can guide writers through the task of self-editing, this course identifies what to look for in a draft, from basics in punctuation and grammar to addressing the dreaded (and somewhat cryptic) “show versus tell” dilemma. Before tackling the querying and/or submission process, writers need to make sure the manuscript is as polished and prepared as possible, and this course shows how to do just that!

This course is also appropriate for those wordsmiths who love to edit. Interested in becoming a freelance editor? This course will help you develop the skills to guide a writer’s work to perfection!

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