Go Read Something!

I know there tends to be a heavy lean toward fiction here, and particularly toward short, short fiction, but I do try to incorporate poetry from time to time.

I just have a harder time falling in love with poems. But it does happen.

And here’s one now!

Go read “Planting a Sequoia” by Dana Gioia, published by The Writer’s Almanac. (Thanks to NPR, you can even listen to it if you’d rather!)

Go Read Something!

Rape culture is something I knew very little about until a few years ago. Although I’m actually well-versed in gender studies (my Master’s Thesis in American literature focused on it), I wasn’t familiar with the term. Or, sadly, with the reality of the term. Both in my life and in the lives of all the women (and men) around me.

I wish more people realized what we’re perpetuating by failing to see the ramifications of our words and actions on the daily. As the mother of two sons, I’m doing my best, but I can’t help but feel like I’m hitting a wall in terms of making a real difference. I’m just one person, after all.

All of this is a lengthy introduction for this breathtaking poem that was posted on tumblr some time ago: “Rape Culture” by slk.

Go Read Something!

I’m not much of a poetry person. It’s more often than not that poetry is confusing or sluggish to me as a reader. I enjoy it, but it’s not something I generally seek out to find.

Marianne Kunkel is the current managing editor of the University of Nebraska’s literary journal, The Prairie Schooner. When I had some recent interaction with her (she’s lovely, by the way), I sought out some of her poetry online. She’s quite talented, and one poem in particular left me in awe. There’s something so simple about this little poem, but it’s so strong. Enjoy!

“A Sloth First Hears Its Name,” by Marianne Kunkel

published by Rattle