The little blog that could … but then didn’t … but then maybe will again?

So, yeah. It’s been a while.

Life happens.

I’m not even going to make promises to stay on top of this blog because every time I do … I don’t. And then I feel guilty because I said I would do something and then I haven’t. And that just makes a person feel shitty.

I have been writing, though. Just not around here. And a new story of mine was published back in January in Blue  Monday Review. The issue my story, “The Half Dollar” is in (Volume 3, Issue 1) also is home to a piece by a dear writer friend, Bree Barton, so reading this issue is a definitely 10/10, do recommend.

I’ve got a ton of “Go Read Something” story links saved up, so I’m planning to start posting those again. (Key word: “planning.”) And, if anything comes along in life that feels particularly blogworthy, perhaps I’ll get around to typing out a few words here. Fingers crossed.

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