Writing about writing about writing…

So, I’ve been dragging feet on posting this. I felt compelled to write something profound and important. Instead, I decided to just write something–anything–and get it over with. So, here it is. My very first blog post on my very first writing website. Impressed much? I didn’t think so.

To be honest, I already have a blog on tumblr. It’s my “brain dump” area where I commiserate with virtual friends and acquaintances who are mostly like-minded introverts. Most of them are also parents, so we share a lot about our kids. I occasionally write about my writing there, but not in a meaningful way.

I’d like to use this blog to write about my writing process. I’d like to talk openly about what I’m focusing on, what’s inspiring me, what’s currently working in my writing, what’s not working (and, boy, will there be a lot of that), and (hopefully) I’ll get to talk about who’s reading my stuff and what kind of response I’m receiving.

I’m honestly not sure where this blog will go, but I need to become better about posting here. I’m challenging myself (unofficially) to write here once a week. But, in the interest of acceptance and a rational understanding of my reality, I’m officially committing to writing something here once a month (don’t be surprised by a lot of 30th and 31st of the month postings).

Mostly, I don’t want to feel like I have to write here. I want to WANT to write here. And I think I will. Eventually. With my other blog, I was a “lurker” in the community for months before actually posting. And then, I only did it occasionally. I’m assuming that will be the case here too, but we’ll see.

Regardless of how often I write here or how meaningful my posts might be, I want to become a better writer overall. And the best way to do that is to … write.

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